sarah paulson switching the name cards so tatiana could sit next to her

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I’m surprised to see you here, Rory, given what happened. You were left on the mountainside. Yeah, I can’t believe I’m here. Things weren’t looking too good last time I saw myself. (x)

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Actor Chris Pratt beamed down to our sector of the universe Monday night to surprise an auditorium full of deserving kids in a special New York Daily News and Disney Studios sponsored charity screening of the superheroes-in-space flick.

And the 35-year-old actor who plays the hero Star-Lord in the Marvel movie stayed in the theater until every last one of them who wanted to take a picture with him got their selfie.

“That was really fun, this is what is all about,” said a visibly touched Pratt after the show. “I get impatient sometimes being on a promotional tour all the time, but something like this I would sit here as long as it took to take a picture with every one of those guys.”

“Tonight was really special to me.”

Pratt stayed long past the time his security detail was supposed to whisk him away to answer questions and give some words of wisdom.

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You transfix me quite.

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"In the end, only three things matter:
how much you loved, how gently you lived,
and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you."

-Buddhist saying (via hefuckin)

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I must come across as this terrible neurotic case with issues, I keep getting cast that way.”

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baby otters ^-^

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"My agent’s sister cooked me a little barbecue [after winning the role on Game of Thrones]. It was lovely. Then I came home to London and proceeded to be drunk for about three weeks."

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